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Aug 5


Ibiza contact sheet selects part 1 of 2. Kodak 400TX, Nikon FM2.

Mar 19
Andrew Livesey - Hand Study for Leena
2014, ink and crayola crayon on paper.

Andrew Livesey - Hand Study for Leena

2014, ink and crayola crayon on paper.

Feb 14


35mm Fuji Superia 400 shot on Nikon FM2, 55mm 2.8 Macro

London, February 2014

Aug 18

An investigation into the life and living of Ian Blevins - 1

This is part 1 of an ongoing series by Andrew Livesey depicting the day-to-day existence of his friend and confidant Ian Blevins.

All rights reserved.

Jun 13
We Love Space Opening Party 2012, Ibiza.

We Love Space Opening Party 2012, Ibiza.

May 17

Roo Dog’s spring playlist

Some things that have been floating Roo’s boat recently. A bit sultry, a bit smooth, romantic in the anti-modern sense with a pinch of melancholic optimism. May induce drifts down false-memory drains.

One Little Plane - Into The Trees (album)
Burial + Four Tet - Nova
Peter Green - In The Skies (album)
CFCF - Exercises (album)
Drake - Crew Love feat. The Weeknd (Shlomo Remix)
Orbital - Belfast (Live in Australia)
Cold Specks - I Predict A Graceful Expulsion (album) ‘Elephant Head’
oOoOO - Our Love Is Hurting Us (album)
Feist - Black Tongue
The Cinematic Orchestra - The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1 (album) ‘Regen’ from 7mins
Toro y Moi - June 1999 (album) ‘New Loved Ones’
Pelican - Ataraxia
Festival - Fair & True
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben (album) ‘Waking Up To Hand Grenades’
Robert Wyatt - Dondestan (album)
Ital - Hive Mind
Nurse With Wound - Soliliquy For Lilith
Spencer & Antfood - Trek
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Toro y Moi - June 2009 (album) ‘New Loved Ones’
Teengirl Fantasy
Flash In The Pan - Walking In The Rain
The Horrors
New Build - Yesterday Was Lived And Lost (album) ‘Schism Of The Mind’
Gang Colours - The Keychain Collection (album)
Gold Panda - Moutain
Errors - Come Down With Me
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Wyatt Atzmon Stephen - For The Ghosts Within
Hype Williams - Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro

Apr 29

The Pathology of Having a Right Nice Time

A dilettantish mix from Roo Dog.

Apr 5
Loch Lomond, illuminati-esque monument.

Loch Lomond, illuminati-esque monument.

Mar 17
To hell with your historical militarism.

To hell with your historical militarism.

(via cybervagrant)

Mar 10

My dad saw Bono get kicked in the balls.


My dad met a drunk man in Dublin in the early 80s who claimed he used to play bass with the singer from a new band called U2. He invited my dad to see them play in a local pub.

The band were congregating outside the pub and the drunk tried to strike up conversation with Bono.

Bono told the drunk to “fuck off”.

The drunk kicked Bono in the balls, and ran away.

by ruairidunne

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